44K   2500+

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Format Team with 3 runners. Relay race (each runner must run one part and give the team baton)


Start day of the race June, 2020

Depature time  7:00h

Place of departure Camprodon New Bridge

Place of arrival Camprodon New Bridge

Closed park opening time 6:45h

Day of race bibs hand out on Saturday and sunday

Timetable of race bibs hand out on (saturday) from 19:00h to 20:00h

Place of race bibs hand out at (saturday) Camprodon Old Pavilion

Timetable of race bibs hand out on (sunday) from 6:00h to 7:00h

Place of race bibs hand out at (sunday) Camprodon Old Pavilion


Parking Cars

Parking motorhomes, vans and cars Parc Mas Ventós

Wardrobe New Bridge

Showers Camprodon New Pavilion 

kids activities Pont Nou


* In each part ONLY one runner must run. It is not allowed to run more than one member of the team or external runner to help.

PART 1. MOUNTAINEER (From Km0 to Km16'3)

Real distance 16'30k

% Single track 90

% Track 5

% Asphalt 5

Elevation gain +1.450m

Maximum height race  1.899m

Minimum heihgt race  939m

Aid stations (in race) 1

Aid station points Collada verda (Km 11)

Initial point Departure (Camprodon New Bridge)

Final point Coll de Meianell (Water aid)

PART 2. HIGH MOUNTAIN (From Km16'3 to Km28)

Real distance 11'70k

% Single track 95

% Track 5

% Asphalt 0

Elevation gain +600m

Maximum height race  2.420m

Minimum heihgt race  1.595m

Aid stations (in race) 1

Aid station points Tregurà de Dalt (Km28)

Initial point Coll de Meianell

Final point Tregurà de Dalt (Km28)

PART 3. FAST RUNNER (From Km28 to Km44)

Real distance 16k

% Single track 90

% Track 5

% Asphalt 5

Elevation gain +450m

Maximum height race  1.595m

Minimum heihgt race  939m

Aid stations (in race) 2

Aid station points Cros (Km34'8) and La Roca (Km40'8)

Initial point Tregurà de Dalt (Km28)

Final point Arrival (Camprodon New Bridge)


Accessibilty stretches

With one motorized vehicle by team

Driving on forest track (high car recommended)

It is recommended to follow "Vehicle track 3x3"

Relay Points 2

It is allowed just in the relay areas.

The bracelet is exchanged. That will be supervised

Mandatory material: glass / drum (REMEMBER THAT THE AIDS STATIONS ARE WITHOUT Glass)

Recommended material: Thermal blanket, windbreaker jacket and mobile phone.

It is the corridor's responsibility to use the recommended material from the organization.


Spare bag (personal) No

*Miss plastic cups to comply with guidelines of the Natural Reserve

Aid station products

Aids. Water, pepsi, flectomin, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, quince jelly. All gluten free

Arrival aid station (for three components). Water, pepsi, orange&lemon gatorade, beer, banana, orange, sweets, nuts, quince jelly, chips, spanish omelette, olives, fuet, rice. All gluten free except sandwich, pasta and biscuits

Categories Team (Female, Male, Mixed) 


Maximum time to complete the track 9h 

Approximate time first runner 4h 30

Record of the race  -

Time Barriers (Closing check points) Yes

Av1. Collada verda (Km 11) - 9:30h

Av2. Tregurà de Dalt (Km 28) - 12:35h

Av3. El Cros (Km34'8) - 14:15

Av4. La Roca (Km 40'8) - 15:10h

Meta (Km 44) - 16:00h

Time arrival first runner 11:30h

Time arrival last runner 16:00h

Awards ceremony MARATHON & 3x3 at 13:30h

Track signposted with strips (red and white) and direction signals



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